About me

5. May, 2017

I'm a mature, intelligent, gregarious and sometimes extremely amusing woman with an interesting history. My lines and scars along with my memories have formed the versatile and friendly lover of life I have become. From every good and bad experience throughout my life I have earned every wrinkle and I love them. I'm still a work in progress and try to smile everyday at everyone I meet. Perhaps it's because I need to lift my mood, perhaps it may lift someone else's but my life is now one of enjoying every day as much as possible. I've recently taken up a part time role with a high street store as a 'fit' model. Not to improve my fitness of course but to try on new styles for their curvy range which is important when you're plus size. It's not simply a question of more material, more a refitting when you're over a size 16. 

My butterfly emerged from its chrysalis and I'm happy to have the opportunity to fly ……