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Jan Warren

Introduction to Jan Warren

Profile Jan Warren - performer 


I'm a mature, intelligent, gregarious and sometimes extremely amusing woman, with an interesting history. My lines and scars, along with my memories, have formed the versatile and friendly lover of life I have become. From every good and bad experience throughout my life, I have earned every wrinkle and I love them. 

I'm still a work in progress and try to smile everyday at everyone I meet. Perhaps it's because I need to lift my mood, perhaps it may lift someone else's, but my life is now one of enjoying every day as much as possible. I've recently taken up a part time role with a high street store as a 'fit' model. Not to improve my fitness of course but to try on new styles for their curvy range which is important when you're plus size. It's not simply a question of more material, more a refitting when you're over a size 16. 


My recent acting and performance experience includes:

A named extra in Fanatic Films ‘Dead Heading’ 

Feature role in a film festival short ‘The Good The Bad and the chippy’

Feature role in a film festival short ‘Petals’ by award winning director Lærke Olsvig

Title role in an LFS film short ‘At Grandmas’

My recent modelling experience includes:

‘Fit modelling’ for a high street brand

Several photo shoots and catwalks with ‘Scarlet & Jo’ (plus size designers)

Cover for Sofya Style magazine January 2020

Photographed for ‘Face It, Own It’ a book by Jo Blackwell published 2020

Numerous campaigns and videos with MND Association, for whom I was a trustee from June 2016 to June 2022 (last 3 years as Vice Chair). Including writing and presenting awareness raising talks and representing the Association throughout the UK


My butterfly has emerged from its chrysalis and I'm happy to have the opportunity to fly …